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Un chez-soi dans la communauté

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Needs, Expectations, and Preferences of Autistic Adults for Housing and Living Accommodation in Quebec!

In December 2020, the Transforming Autism Care Consortium Network (TACC) and the Autism House organized a roundtable named Towards a better quality of life for the autistic adult community: Housing needs and services. After this event, the Autism House as well as researchers Baudouin Forgeot d’Arc (M.D., Ph. D.) and Isabelle Courcy (Ph. D.) joined forces to create a community-research partnership.

The project born from this alliance aimed to document the needs, expectations, and preferences of autistic adults in Quebec in regard to housing and living accommodations. Along 2022, this Survey has been shared by over 150 organizations and filled out by over 400 people throughout Quebec.

To consult the results:

Download PDF • 990KB

Media coverage:

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