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Our position on what autonomy means!

Hi everyone,

My name is Deanna. I am the vice-president of our initiative, Autism House. I wanted to take some time to address the language that we are using in our advertising, because words are important. Autism House is currently using the words “autonomy” and “independence” in our marketing material. We initially chose to use these words because they are easily recognizable, however, we also understand that these words can be experienced as stigmatizing and imply an ableist, ideal way of being. We sincerely apologize for any harm these words may have caused. We are actively working on finding the right language to use that will enable clear communication and empowerment.

We are here to:

  • Empower individuals with ASD so they can make meaningful choices for how they wish to create their lives.

  • Highlight the voices of individuals with ASD.

  • Be guided in our priorities by individuals with ASD.

  • Change the language around ASD such that it is strength-based.

  • Provide direct support in the form of peer groups, interest groups, skills training and advocacy.

  • Provide education and coaching to parents, families, caregivers, and professionals.

Please stay tuned for this month’s upcoming webinars, updates to our website, informative blog posts and newsletters.

Deanna, on behalf of the Autism House

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