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Out Autonomy Service

Autonomy Day Camp  for the summer




9 am to 4 pm



Autism House is thrilled to announce our summer camp for autistic teenagers and young adults aged 13+. The 7-week camp runs from July 8th to August 23rd, focusing on autonomy and personalized experiences.
Campers vote on weekly activities, adhering to a schedule and budget. They use public transportation for outings.
The cost is $650/week, with an early bird rate of $600/week if registered by May 13th. Accompanying the participants is a team of 2 to 4 animators.


Campers must meet autonomy criteria, managing basic needs independently and following instructions. Behavioral issues are not permitted, particularly those involving aggression or danger toward staff or peers.

Our camp operates under three fundamental rules: prioritizing fun, ensuring safety, and promoting respect. If there are concerns regarding a participant's suitability, we encourage parents to reach out for further discussion or possibly an in-person meeting.

To register, email our director, Patrick Millette, using the link below. He'll guide you through the process and provide more information.

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