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Continued Learning and Training


The Autism House encourages autonomy and aims to improve
the quality of life for autistic adults and adolescents.

The Reality

Due to an increase in demand, services are hard to come by after 21 years of age for ASD and we hope to alleviate this burden. We seek to improve the quality of life of autistic adults and their families by increasing their autonomy. Join our first parent workshops to learn how you can help improve your child's autonomy at home!

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Black and white overhead shot of an autistic adult writing on a lined piece of paper while looking at coupons.
Black and white image of an autistic man standing outside grocery store smiling while holding a bag of groceries.
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for Parents & Professionals

Learn tools and strategies to implement in your daily life with your family.

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Classes For Adults and Teens with ASD

Participants will develop their executive functions and work on achieving specific autonomy goals.

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Autonomy Consultation and Intervention

Receive individualised help at your home regarding specific autonomy needs or behavioural challenges.

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About Us

We aspire to enable a world where many more ASD adults live independently, while actively participating in the life of their community.


Today, we offer continuous learning for autonomy here in Montreal.


Our vision is that one day, we will provide services for the ASD adults, parents as well as offering housing services, and hosting health care providers under one roof.

Our Mission

We are committed to being innovative, in order to allow autistic adults to live independently, and to participate actively in the life of the community. We want to ensure improved quality of life for these adults who may live autonomously once we integrate them to live comfortably within our community.

Black and white image of a woman in a classroom using a pencil to show coupon cuttings to an autistic adult man.

Contact Us

Do you have any questions or comments? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to send us a quick message. If email is not your thing, you can also reach us at 514-625-3258.

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